We are striving to make our Association an interesting and important part of your artistic endeavors.  We have many classes and workshops that will increase your knowledge and expertise.  We also have members that have experience in framing, advertising, showing your art and information about giclee prints and photographing your art.

As a member you are entitled to:

•       Receive a monthly newsletter

•       Receive occasional emails regarding shows and miscellaneous matters

•       Be an Art Center participant (space available)

•       Show your art at our Art in Business locations

•       Participate in our juried art shows

•       Attend classes and workshops, some at a discount for members

·       Purchase at the Art Supply Center and special order supplies at a discount

·       Check out books from our library

 In general, as a non-profit organization, we contribute to the advancement and encouragement of art in our kids, students, and young adults through scholarships.

Contact us with any questions you may have about our members and how we may best serve you.

A newsletter will be sent to you at the beginning of next month.  If you don’t receive one please let us know.


If you haven’t visited the Art Center, please come by and say hello to the staff and checkout classes in progress  at 1607  19th Street, south of 19th. art gallery arts organization Bakersfield